After I read “The paper manngerie“ by Ken Liu, I had an urge to make an origami. Good origami appear to be living.

At my request, Mom also made a goat, a deer, and a water buffalo out of wrapping paper. They would run around the living room while Laohu chased after them, growling. When he caught them he would press down until the air went out of them and they became just flat, folded-up pieces of paper. I would then have to blow into them to re-inflate them so they could run around some more.

In my origami craft, there are Orihime (Princess) and Hikoboshi (Prince) on the milky way and full moon background. They can meet only once a year on Star Festival Day (July 7th in Lunar Calendar). The Prince looks a bit shy, and the Princess hides her red cheek in her kimono dress.